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Enneagram profiles are powerful tools for self-discovery and productivity. Used internationally, they provide clear, comprehensive understanding about everyday human behavior. Unlike other typologies which tend to "box" people in fixed categories, the Enneagram profiles nine behavioral patterns which are as dynamic and as varied as the individuals they represent. The Enneagram helps each of us develop and engage our unique life transitions. It is a transforming technology. We adapt the Enneagram theory for the organization to provide simple, yet effective techniques to improve performance, resolve conflict, and to build a real spirit of teamwork in organizations. In short, the Enneagram teaches us how to get "the best" from all of us.

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Our clients achieve this through Enneagram Technology, a simple, proven system for accelerating working relationships to higher levels of productivity in shorter periods of time.

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Leadership Greater Hartford helps you use the Enneagram to take your personality to work. We focus on management's need to increase influence and productivity through best use of their human capital. The Enneagram Profiler and coaching support stress two important concepts for your learning through the Enneagram: You are a complex combination of all types and your profile will help you identify your share of each type's real estate. Ultimately you determine your type, not the Profiler or the course material. We are available to discuss your profile with you and review its implications in your life . We believe in personal growth: the gradual removal of the individual from personality imposed limitations on insight, performance and life experience.

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